Dave Jardine

Mr. Dave Jardine has over 40 years of experience with Industrial Control Systems.  Mr. Jardine’s career started in telecommunications within the Engineering Department of a major carrier.  Mr. Jardine rose quickly through the ranks, first becoming the President of a telecommunication system provider and later President at a company marketing system solutions to the Electric Utility, Water and Wastewater, Telecommunication, Broadcasting, Oil and Gas, Railroad and Mobile Communication industries.  Mr. Jardine went on to become CEO for the SCADA business unit of global automation provider Valmet, based in Finland.  During Mr. Jardine’s tenure as CEO, the business gained international success, acquiring many of its competitors and achieving global leader status.  After acquisition of this business by Abengoa of Spain, Dave became President and Chairman of Telvent in North America.  Telvent pursued the Energy, Environment, Transportation and Agriculture Industries with market leading Real Time IT Systems and Services offerings globally.  Telvent was subsequently sold to a Global Energy Solution provider, Schneider Electric of France. After a two year integration period, Mr. Jardine returned to Abengoa as President of Abengoa T&I Canada. Mr. Jardine leads development of Abengoa’s business interests in Canada.  Abengoa is in the businesses of Energy, Solar, Wind, Infrastructures and BioEnergy.  Mr. Jardine holds a BScEE and an MBA.